Active language holidays for teens

Supervised language holidays for teens | be active and learn a language

Studying when you’re on a school holiday… of course and we make sure you have a blast! On a supervised language holidays in England you not only improve your language skills but also enjoy your holiday with the other students and have a lot of fun. We are certain you won’t get bored when booking an Active & Talk holiday; try dancing or acting, painting or sports, such a tennis, football, water sports or surfing. A great way to make friends and memories! For students about to take the German Abitur we offer a special course – Fit for Abi. in 30 sessions of 45 min each it prepares you for the Abitur, improving your literature analysis skills, grammar and linguistic expression. Ride & Talk is perfect for you if you love horses but don’t have your own horse. Here you can learn more about horses and improve your horse riding skills while finding out whether it’s the right sport for you and if you enjoy looking after a horse.

Book the right supervised language holiday for your hobby!

After the language course, the active part starts… all active sessions consist of 9 to 12 sessions of 60 minutes each. Play tennis like Roger Federer or Serena Williams, kick a ball around like David Beckham, surf as if you’re Robert Kelly Slater, paint just like Niki de Saint Phalle or act like Johnny Depp – everything is possible. We are sure the supervised language travels on England’s South Coast will be truly unforgettable. You’re staying with carefully selected host families or in halls of residence. You travel to England by coach, taking the ferry to cross over from Calais to Dover. Of course we ensure that our drivers stick to allowed driving times. A language holiday should still be a youth holiday, therefore our trained staff ensure you have a fun time and plan a great leisure time programme for the evenings. They are also your first point of contact for inquiries and problems. The typical highlights, such as day trips, disco evenings, cinema visits or a picnic on the beach, await you too. We set ourselves apart by providing a great value for money. GO Sprachreisen is a VOYAGE brand, a company with over 30 years of experience in organising supervised youth holidays.