Barcelona (ages 14-21)

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Travel Package

  • journey by plane
  • transfer from and to the airport BCN (9:00 to 19:00)
  • 7/14 holiday days
  • 6/13 nights
  • accommodation: Club halls of residence or homestay (as booked)
  • twin or triple rooms
  • youth group supervisors (international teamers)
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • standard Spanish course (20 x 45 min per week)
  • course materials and placement exam
  • participation certificate
  • daily leisure time activities
  • information materials and city map

Highlights (included)

  • one day trip per two weeks
  • one half day trips per week

Barcelona’s charm attracts many tourists of all ages to the second largest city in Span. The school is located closely to the famous Rambles, where you can go for a lunchtime stroll. The famous artist Antoni Gaudí has put his mark on Barcelona and you’ll see many of his works while there, like Sagrada Família. Exploring the cultural aspects of the city are an important part of the language holiday. After studying Spanish, you can relax on the beach. Most of the leisure time activities take place here. But sightseeing and the history of Barcelona are explored, too; activities can include a visit of the Dalí museum, Barrio Gótico or Sagrada Família.

Language course