Osmington Bay – language camp (ages 10-16)

Travel package

  • journey by coach, 10/17 holiday days (Sat – Mon)
  • 7/14 nights
  • accommodation: bungalow, normally 4-6 beds
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks and fruit
  • Language course: 20 sessions of 45 min each per week (English and multi activity) / 2 sessions of 90 min per day
  • Placement test on the first day of school
  • Course materials
  • Participation certificate
  • German and English supervision
  • 24 hours emergency phone number

Highlights included

  • adventure activities (20 hours per week, e.g. abseiling, kayaking, climbing, survival training, fencing or quad biking)
  • evening programme (e.g. disco, karaoke, film nights or bonfire)
  • Trips: a half day and a full day trip per week, e.g. Salisbury, Windsor, Winchester or Oxford


  • information package
  • Access to own community

Osmington Bay

Osmington Bay is part of the British Jurassic Coast and you a rewarded with spectacular views after climbing or outdoor activities. The accommodation is located on a hill and attracts language students from all over the world. You will meet loads of international students at this English Adventure Camp and have many opportunities to speak English. The 180.000m² large grounds are located on the seaside and include a private pebble beach.  We start the day with a breakfast with typical English treats such as scrambled egg, baked beans, toast, cornflakes and cereal. Make sure to dig in so you’re ready for the day and the language classes. Lunchtime normally consist of a small meal, e.g. wraps. In the evening we have hot dinner including salad and dessert. Most meals take place in the dining hall where you can talk to many international students and make new friends.


The evening programme is as diverse as the day programme, e.g. quiz or film nights or bonfire. A half day and a full day trip per week are included. Besides the language course, you can participate in many activities, e.g. abseiling, kayaking and mountain biking. Highlights include the giant swing, bonfire nights and karaoke evenings.

Language Course

language Course

The language course consist of 20 lessons of 45 min per week / 2 daily lessons of 90 min each. Class size doesn’t exceed 12 students who are taught at levels A1 to C1. On the first day of school (or in advance online) you take a placement test to ensure you will be placed in the right class depending on your capability. Depending on the activities, the lessons take place in the am or pm and are normally multi-activity sessions. We focus on improving communication skills as well grammar and vocabulary. The language teachers are normally native speakers and all qualified to teach English as a foreign language. The course materials, the course book and notepad are provided.


journey by coach

Travel to and from the holiday location by coach

The journey is undertaken as an overnight coach trip in modern coaches. All journeys comply with the specified driving and rest periods; the coach companies are carefully selected and we have been working with them for many years. The supervision of the students by our teamers starts at the departure location where the student gets on the coach.

The departure locations are in a radius of 30km of the cities named in the advertisement. Some departure locations can only be used if a minimum number of students book them. Detailed travel information is available on My Go Travel Portal 10 days prior to departure.

self-arranged journey

Self-arranged journey to the camp location is possible. Please contact us for further information and coordination.



The 4 to 6 bed bungalows are located on the hill with a picturesque view of the bay. All bungalows have a bathroom with shower and toilet.


full Board

The day starts with a typical English breakfast with cereal, scrambled eggs and baked beans. A light lunch, e.g. wraps or soup, is also provided. In the evening we have hot dinner including salad and dessert. All meals are suitable for vegetarians. You have the opportunity to meet many international students in the dining hall.


supervision language holiday

The supervision starts when the student boards the coach. The teamers are normally at least 20 years old and are first point of contact for our students 24/7. The teamers are trained particularly for their tasks as language teamers. Prior to their fist job with us, they need to complete the seminar designed by pedagogic staff. The teamers are responsible for the daily leisure time activity programme, the trips, evening activities and all other activities. The teamers stay at the same site as the students.

Supervision key (teamer : students): ages 10 to 16: approx. 1 : 15