Here we summarised the most frequently asked questions. These and many more are answered and explained during our information events. And, of course, you will receive any important information in the mail prior to departure.

The Journey

“How do we select a suitable departure location and how will be notified about the exact departure time?”
In Germany, we have more than 100 departure locations. During the booking, you select the departure location closest to you. A minimum number of 15 students is required on any given date for us to use the departure location. You will receive your final departure location and time, as well as the final travel documents, in the mail up to 7 days prior to departure.

“Who can help my child with questions and problems during the coach journey?”
Our teamers who can help your child in any given situation supervise all coach journeys.

“How long does the coach journey take?”
The journey can take between 10 and 24 hours, depending on destination and departure location. But don’t worry we make plenty of stops. Please ensure your child takes enough to eat and drink on the journey, as restaurants at services are rather expensive.

“Can my child fly to the destination?”
Yes, please refer to the information in the catalogue and on our website whether a flight is possible. For further information please call or email us.

Accommodation & Board

“What type of accommodation is possible?”
The types of accommodation vary depending on course location, you can choose between homestay and halls of residence. For language camps, you stay in the camp as well.

“What is homestay?”
A homestay host family is often a “typical” family. But they can also be couples without children, singles or elderly couples/retirees, who offer a room as well as board typical to the region.

“How many children stay in one host family?”
Normally, 2 to 3 students stay with one host family. Please refer to other options to the individual offer.

“How far away do I live from school?”
Your host family can live up to 30 min away from school; depending on the distance you can either walk or take the bus.

“Can my child change host family if he/she doesn’t feel comfortable there?”
Should, even with utmost diligence during the selection process, problems arise, your child needs to contact his/her teamers and they will help find a solution.

“Can we select a vegetarian board option? My child has a food intolerance/ allergy, can he/she get the right diet?”
Of course! Please provide that information with the booking. Please provide as much information about allergies /intolerances as possible. You will receive a form for that with the booking confirmation. In some course location, special dietary requirements require a surcharge.

“What type of board is available?”
Dishes are normally typical for the course location, regardless whether you stay with a host family or in halls of residence. Most host families accommodate the students’ taste and ask what the do and don’t like. Please make sure your child communicates those to the host family, otherwise they can’t consider them.

“Can my child stay in the same host family as his /her friend?”
Yes, of course. Please indicate this in the respective field in the booking form. We can’t guarantee joint accommodation but in nearly all cases we make it happen.

“When do we get further information on the accommodation?”
Up to 7 days prior to departure you will receive a letter in the mail, including the host family’s name, address, telephone number(s) and (if available) email address. This way you / your child can contact the host family prior to arrival. Due to data protection you will not receive any information about the other students staying with that host family.

School & Lessons

“Does my child need any particular prior knowledge of the language?”
On the first day of school, the current proficiency of the language is evaluated using a test in order to place your child in the best possible group for his/her language proficiency. Basic proficiency of the language of the course is always required, unless otherwise noted in the course description.

“Are there special offers to learn a lot in the short time?”
We offer an Abitur preparation course. For some destinations, you can book intensive or mini group courses.

“What size are the groups at school?”
A group has a maximum number of 15 students. Mini group courses have less.

“Are the students on the courses German or international?”
This depends on the school, destination and time of travel. Apart from the summer holidays, not many other countries have school holidays.

“Is the only language spoken in class the respective language of the country/course?”
All our teachers are native speakers or have qualified at native speaking proficiency, hence the only language in class is English/ French/ Spanish. The exceptions are the kids camps and courses where no prior knowledge is required. Here, the teachers can include trained German pedagogics.

“Does my child receive a certificate after completing the course?”
Yes, every student receives a certificate indicating the course date, location and class level.

“How does my child get from the accommodation to school or the meeting points for the activities?”
In some cases, a bus ticket is necessary. Our teamers will help your child buy one. On some courses, the bus tickets are already included. For prices, please refer to your travel information pack.

Leisure Time Activities & Supervision

“How much pocket money does my child need?”
Most children only need money for small things, like ice cream, soft drinks or souvenirs. Most activities and trips are included in the price. We recommend 80 to 100€ per week.

“What’s administered pocket money?”
For our coach trips to England and France, our teamers collect 20 £ / 20 € per week of stay. This amount is included in the pocket money recommendation. The administered pocket money is used for joint group activities which are not pre-booked. These are things such as a bowling evening, a sight in London (e.g. London Eye, London Tombs), which are then paid for with the administered pocket money by the teamers. This pocket money is managed individually for each child and any left over money is returned to the child on the last day of the holiday.

“Are the leisure time activities supervised?”
Yes, the teamers plan an interesting and diverse activity programme for each day, including games, trips or beach time.

“What is the curfew?”
The curfew depends on the age of your child and the destination. Normally the programme ends between 21:00 (for the youngest students) and 24:00 (on Malta). Please refer to your travel information pack for the exact rules.

“Can my child go into the town centre just with his/her friends?”
Our Young Teens students are never left unsupervised. The Teens students can do so, if the programme allows for it, in groups of at least three.

“What type of leisure time activities do you offer?”
The activities vary depending on the course location. But we aim to offer action, relaxation as well as diversification. Examples are bowling, cinema, beach time, disco.

“Who can we, as parents, contact if any problems arise?”
If any problem occurs at the course location, your child needs to contact the teamers immediately. The first point of contact for parents is the German office. On departure and arrival day, we are available 24/7.