GO price advantages

Up to 15% Early Bird Discount*
If you book a language holiday or camp fro your child long in advance, we offer an early bird discount up to 15%. Please see date and price tables on the bottom of each page. The regular price is crossed out while the discount applies. Please check the deadlines for this discount, which are available on our website.

3% small group discount*
Your child wants his/her friends to come as well? No problem, we offer a 3% discount if your child and 5 of his/her friends book the same holiday with us. Please provide the friends’ name on the booking form and we will confirm the discount on the booking confirmation / bill once all bookings are in.

3% siblings discount*
Regardless of the destination, you receive a 3% siblings discount if you book language holidays or camps for two or more of your children. Please include the sibling’s name on the booking form. We will confirm the discount on the booking confirmation / bill.

Individual coach pick-up point*
If your child and 9 of his/her friends sign up, we can set an individual coach pick-up point for you. Together, we decide where it’s best to locate this pick-up point. The price is calculated based on the nearest existing pick-up point.

Group discount for school classes or clubs and societies*
You want to organise a school trip or experience a great language holiday with your friends from a club/society? Please contact us via email or telephone and we can provide you with an individual offer including group discounts.

Save the 15,00 € surcharge…
… if you decide to receive the booking confirmation / bill via email and download all travel documents on the “my GO travel portal”. We can send you all documents in the post, but please be aware that we charge 15,00 € for this service.

You can enter a voucher code number in the booking form. You can get vouchers through raffles and competitions, through our partners (e.g. banks in our local region OWL) or if you’ve travelled with us before.

*discounts apply if…
… for selected language holidays during Easter, Whitsun, summer and autumn which are organised by us and if all stated requirements are fulfilled. The discounts are only applied to the holiday price and not to optional bookable services (e.g. extra lessons, activities) and the pick-up point surcharge.
Important: These discounts cannot be combined with other discounts, and don’t apply to already discounted prices.