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Language Holidays for Teenagers with GO Sprachreisen, Easter / Whitsun, Summer and Autumn 2018 – Travel and Talk

The holidays are just about to start and what’s better than going on a youth holiday? Our language holidays in England are the perfect opportunity to learn English in its country of origin and to improve your communication skills. GO Sprachreisen offers language holidays at many different destinations like England, Ireland, Malta, the US, France and even Germany. So make sure to check them out and you will find the perfect programme to fit your needs and expectations. Language holidays are not about sitting in a boring classroom all day, but learning the language in an interactive way while still enjoying your holidays and making memories to last a life time.

Language holidays for all age and interest groups

We offer traditional language holidays and language holidays which are combined with sports or arts programmes at great destinations, including Christchurch, Saint-Malo, Sliema, Fort Lauderdale, Berlin or Barcelona. Typically, the journey is by coach, supervised by our teamers. Most friendships, which make the language holiday even better, are the formed on the coach journey. In most cases, students either stay with host families or in halls of residence. On language camps, you stay in lodges and comfortable tents. Even though you are on a language holiday, you will not miss out on group activities and team bonding. Exploring the town centre or relaxing at the beach, as well as exciting day trips, e.g. to London, are great opportunities to spend time with your new friends. Boredom doesn’t stand a chance when you’re travelling with GO Sprachreisen. The teamers are always there for you and help you in difficult situations. Our long lasting experience – over 30 years as provider for youth and group travels – pays off for our customers as we provide excellent supervision and support. We offer our language holidays to England, Europe and even internationally at a competitive price with excellent price-performance ratio. If you don’t want to wait until summer, book your holiday for Easter, Whitsun or autumn now.