The journey

The journey is already an important part of your language holiday. Here you can find detailed information regarding your travel options:

coach journey

Even in times of air travel, coaches are one of the most reliable ways of travel. We have working with our corporation partners for years and trust them explicitly. Quality and security are our top priorities! In compliance with legally specified driving and rest periods, normally two drivers undertake the journey, taking turns while complying to their shift times. If the distance to the destination requires a third driver, a third driver is appointed to the drivers’ team. To optimise travel times and routes, coach exchanges at way stations take place if required, a so-called relay.
Some departure points, depending on dates, require transfers using public inter-city coaches or taxis. If not communicated otherwise, a member of our staff supervises the children during these parts of the journey.

The coach journey is a supervised overnight drive. Normally, the teamers start supervision at the first departure point. They ensure that all formalities, i.e. at borders and on the ferry, are complied with. During the coach journey, you can already get to know your teamers and your travel companions. Normally, arrival at the destination is in the morning of the next day.

During the official school breaks in the departure region/county, all departure points with a minimum number of 15 students are utilised. If this minimum is not reached, you are automatically rebooked on the nearest departure point at no extra cost.

flight / air journey

This way of travel is much quicker than the coach journey. Supervision starts at the arrival airport, this means airport transfer and the flight are unsupervised. The flight supervision service of the respective airline can be used for younger students. The flight is booked with renowned airlines in economy class. The supervision by our team starts at the arrival airport and also includes the transfer to the final destination. This procedure is the same, regardless of your destination.

quota flights

We offer group flights to certan times with famous airlines and charter flight. It is possible that you fly with other participants together. That gives you already on the airplane the opportunity to get to know the other participants. The transfer in the course centres is already included. The supervison of the participants begins in the respective destination aiport. Starting at the airport,  the participants are driven to the booked accommodation.
Group flights can be booked from an age of 14 years.

25.03. - 06.04.2018-+++----
20.05. - 01.06.2018------
01.07. - 15.07.2018------
15.07. - 29.07.2018+++++++++-++++++
29.07. - 12.08.2018+++++++++++++++-
12.08. - 26.08.2018++++++-++++++-
26.08. - 08.09.2018-+++-+++--
30.09. - 13.10.2018-+++--++++++
13.10. - 26.10.2018+++--+++--

self-arranged journey

For some destinations, self-arranged journeys can be booked. The advantage: Your parents can take you to the destination and meet the teamer and see the accommodation. Also, you can choose flights which are suitable for you. Here, depending on your selected way of travel, you might also be responsible for booking the transfer from the airport / train station to the final destination. Please refer to the date and price tables for further information.

obligatory identification

Without necessary travel documents you cannot travel at all. A valid passport, national identity card or child’s identity card is required for travel. The travel document needs to be valid for the duration of the entire language holiday. When travelling by coach, the teamer checks your travel documents prior to departure. If you are not an EU citizen, you might require visa for the destination county as well as all countries you will be travelling through. Please acquire this information yourself; contacting respective consulates or embassies can be of help here. If you initiate this process early on, it should not get in the way of safe journey.