La Tamarissière – language camp (ages 12-14)

Travel Package

  • Journey by coach
  • 15 holiday days
  • 12 nights
  • accommodation: comfort camp
  • GO AI board (as described)
  • Beverages during the day from the GO AI bar
  • Welcome Breaktfast on arrival day
  • yout group supervisors 24h (German speaking teamers)
  • English Meetings (30 x 45 Minuten)
  • course materials
  • participation certificate
  • daily leisure time activities
  • information evening prior to the holiday

Highlights (included)

  • ocean kayak tour (for beginners)
  • free rental of high quality sports and games materials
  • volleyball tournament
  • club bracelet
  • pocket money administration
  • 24h emergency telephone during the holiday
  • "My GO Travel Portal" access

In La Tamarissière on the French Mediterranean Coast we combine improving your English grammar and conversation skills with relaxing on the beach. Directly past the dunes, the La Tamarissière campsite is located close to the beach in a small pine forest. Sports and activities await and a nice outdoor sitting area with colourful lights is the perfect setting for evening activities. You stay in comfortable tents and can enjoy a late breakfast after a lie-in. After breakfast, you will have one or two hours of English theory. But don’t worry, it doesn’t get too theoretical – fun and communication are the core aspects of the sessions. The lessons are adjusted to fit the students’ needs and are interwoven with the activity and sports programme. Visits to Montpellier, Carcassone or Aqualand are also part of your holiday. Montpellier and Carcassone attract many tourists as they have a lovely French charm. Apart from city trips you can explore the surrounding areas by mountain bike.

Translating modern song text while sitting in the sun, looking at the Mediterranean? This is the case at our language camps in Spain, Italy and France. It’s the perfect combination of a language and a beach holiday. The language teamers are experienced teaching students who were especially trained during a 4-day seminar. They not only prepare and conduct the language lessons but also are there for you in all situations. You’re staying at a campsite or in a youth hostel.


Language course

English workshops

In 15 theoretical and 15 active lessons our trained language teamers practise grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension and conversation with our students. The language meetings are fitted into the daily schedule in order to ensure continuity. The language meetings take place at camp, on the beach or somewhere close to the camp. The lessons are interactive and engaging. During the language meetings, all communication is in English, materials are supplied.

Most of our language teamers are getting teaching degrees, are teachers in training or lived abroad for a longer period of time, which ensures their high level of English. Prior to the holiday, the language teamers are trained in special seminars.



Travel to and from the holiday location by coach

The journey is undertaken as an overnight coach trip in modern coaches. All journeys comply with the specified driving and rest periods; the coach companies are carefully selected and we have been working with them for many years. The supervision of the students by our teamers starts at the departure location where the student gets on the coach.

Self-arranged journey

Self-arranged journey to the camp location is possible. Supervision starts when the teamers welcome the student at the campsite. If arrival and departure are self-arranged the holiday price is reduced by 70,- €.


Campsite La Tamarissière | in tents

The campsite is only a few metres away from the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. The camp also includes common areas with tables and benches, table tennis, beach volleyball and a multi-sports pitch.

The students stay in frame tents for a maximum of 6 students, proper beds, comfortable mattresses and wooden floors.

Attention: You need to bring a pillow, sleeping bad, bed sheet, towels and mess kit.


GO All inclusive- board

The GO Al board includes a breakfast buffet until midday, an afternoon snack, dinner and a late night snack. Students can get included beverages (water, juice) at the Al Bar at the campsite. Board starts with a welcome breakfast on arrival day and ends with a self-packed lunch on departure day.


Supervised language holiday

The supervision starts when the student boards the coach. The teamers are normally at least 20 years old and are first point of contact for our students 24/7. The teamers are trained particularly for their tasks as language teamers. Prior to their fist job with us, they need to complete the seminar designed by pedagogic staff. The teamers are responsible for the daily leisure time activity programme, the trips, evening activities and all other activities. The teamers stay at the same site as the students.

Supervision key (teamer : students): ages 12 to 15: approx. 1 : 12