Language holidays for teens

Our supervised language holidays are not only for English but also for French, Chinese and Spanish. We offer traditional language holidays or holidays with additional sports or arts programmes in England, Malta, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the US. Boredom doesn’t stand a chance because all destinations have a lot to offer and our teamers provide a fun and diverse activity and leisure time programme.


Language holidays for young teens from GO Sprachreisen | England, Malta, Ireland, Germany, USA, France, Spain and Italy

Lessons during the holidays? Our language holidays prove that studying can be fun. At great destinations in England, Germany, France, Italy, Malta or the US our students improve their English, French or Spanish skills in interactive lessons. All language holidays offer the levels A1 to C2, depending on the proficiency and needs of the students. After school, you can explore fascinating cities like London or New York. We also offer “Active & Talk”; which is a combination of a language holiday and your favourite hobby. In addition to English lessons, you will have scheduled time for and lessons in surfing, water sports, painting, dancing, acting, horse riding, tennis or football. For all students who are about to take their Abitur (ages 15 and over) we offer our special Fit for Abi course which prepares you for all aspects of the German English Abitur, including speaking, listening and text production and analysis.

Language holidays with interactive lessons

Our language holidays focus on improving your communication skills and to provide you with vocabulary that you can apply in your daily usage of the respective language. Depending on the booked holiday, extra courses can be added, e.g. intensive course or Abitur preparation course. Apart from the language lessons and the half-day or day trips we offer a diverse activity / leisure time programme. Possible activities include a cinema visit, bowling, disco and more. During the language holiday the students either stay with local host families or in halls of residence, depending on the booked programme and the destination. The host families only speak English and hence provide the students with the great opportunity to practise what they’ve learnt during the day. Typically you can do that during breakfast and dinner times. Most language holidays provide a packed lunch. Some halls of residence provide lunch in the cafeteria. We at Go Sprachreisen value the concept of supervised language holidays very much. Our students are supervised from the time they get on the coach or from arriving at their destination airport. The teamers are available to the students 24 hours a day and help with any problems. All our teamers are trained in-house over several days at a seminar. Most of them have many years of experience as youth group leaders and know what makes a language holiday great and how to interact and supervise students. GO Sprachreisen is a VOYAGE Reiseorganisation product. VOYAGE, with its product GO Jugendreisen is one of the most experienced providers for supervised youth holidays since 1986 and we are proud to transfer this experience onto our supervised language holidays.