London (ages 12-17)

Travel Package

  • Self-arranged journey (flights upon request)
  • 8/15 holiday days
  • 7/14 nights at the homestay
  • supervised transfer from and to Heathrow Airport
  • homestay or halls of residence (as booked)
  • single, twin or triple rooms
  • youth group supervisors 24h (international teamers)
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • standard course English (20 x45min per week)
  • course materials & placement test
  • participation certificate
  • daily leisure time activities (e.g. welcome party)

Highlights (included)

  • one day trip per week (e.g. Oxford, Portsmouth)
  • four half day trip per week (e.g. Hyde Park)
  • daily activities (e.g. football, volleyball)

One of the most loved cities in the world awaits you! London is an incredibly diverse and exciting city but also traditional and rich in history. Explore the highlights of the city and create unforgettable memories – major sights include Big Ben, Tower of London and the London Eye. The accommodation on this language holiday is in the picturesque town of Twickenham, in the suburb Richmond. London city centre is approximately 30 min away on the tube. After the language classes, the daily leisure time activities provide action and adventure. But rest assured, there is still plenty of time to explore London outside the leisure time activities, or cities near by, such as Oxford, on day trips.

Is there a better place to study English than fabulous London? For accommodation we use the halls of residence at St. Mary’s University. Each student has a single room and it’s only a 10-minute walk from halls of residence to Twickenham town centre and the river Thames. You can also stay with a host family if you wish. This gives you a great opportunity to get to know the English culture. All students take lunch at the on-campus cafeteria; breakfast and dinner are at your accommodation. Our students and teamers in London are international, which makes an English programme possible and encourages daily conversation in English.

Our students travel to London by plane and supervision starts at Heathrow Airport. Here the students are welcomed by the teamers and taken to the accommodation by shuttle bus. The language classes consist of 20 sessions of 45 min each per week. Optionally, you can book a 4-hour combination course. Apart from the English classes, your language holiday has a lot more to offer. Four half-day trips are included per week and provide you with a mixture of cultural and sightseeing activities, e.g. a visiting Oxford, Hampton Court or Kensington Palace. Smaller / local activities include a welcome party, a talent show or a volleyball tournament. One thing is certain, you won’t get bored in London!

Language course

Language course English

Without the performance pressure from their home schools, students learn that communicating in the foreign language and application of the studied material is enjoyable. A class consists of up to 15 students which are thought at levels A1 to C2. Students take a placement exam on the first day of school in order to allocate them to the right class (possible to take the test online in advance). Besides grammar, communication is focal point. Able and qualified members of staff conduct all classes. Course materials, the course book and a notepad are supplied.

Optional booking: The combination course with 4 additional individual lessons.


Self-arranged journey

The journey is not included in the booking price. Upon request, we can get you offers from renowned airlines. Transfer from and to Heathrow is included. All other airports cost the following surcharges;

Transfer Gatwick (return): 120,-

Transfer Luton (return): 255,-

Transfer Standsted (return) 255,-

Unaccompanied minors: for students booked as unaccompanied minors with the airlines, we add an additional transfer surcharge of 40,- € one way (in addition to the actual flight costs if the flight is booked through us).


Halls of Residence

The halls of residences are in Twickenham and part of St. Mary’s University campus. Free WIFI, a café, a garden with terrace, a TV room and multiple in- and outdoor sports facilities are available. The students stay in single rooms with shared bathrooms (up to 6 students). A supervisor is available at all times. Valuables can be stored in the administration office. London city centre is approx. 30 min away on the train; Twickenham town centre and the river Thames are approx. 10min walking distance. The entire halls of residence was modernised for the 2012 Olympics.

Deposit on arrival: £60


The best way to get to know the culture and language of a country is to stay with a host family. Here you can apply your newly learnt skills and practice your communication skills. You normally stay in twin or triple rooms. The host families are carefully checked and selected.

Deposit on arrival: £60

Minimum age for homestay: 15 years


Board – Full board

When selecting homestay, the host family provided breakfast and dinner. Lunch is on campus for all students. For students staying in halls of residence, breakfast and dinner are also on campus. The meals provide the students with an excellent opportunity to practice their communication skills with the host family and/or international students.


Supervised language holiday

The supervision starts at the public part of the respective airport. The teamers are are first point of contact for our students 24/7. The teamers are trained particularly for their tasks as teamers. The teamers are responsible for the daily leisure time activity programme, the trips, evening activities and all other activities.

Supervision key (teamer : students): ages 13 to 17: approx. 1 : 15