St. Julian’s | easter, whitsun and autumn (ages 14-17)

Travel Package

  • journey by plane
  • transfer from and to the airport
  • 7/14 holiday days
  • 6/13 nights
  • accommodation: Club Village or homestay (as booked)
  • rooms of 2+ / dorms
  • youth group supervisors (international teamers)
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • standard English course (20 x 45 min per week)
  • course materials and placement exam
  • participation certificate
  • daily leisure time activities
  • information materials and city map

Highlights (included)

  • one day trip per two weeks
  • two half day trips per week

The picturesque Mediterranean island of Malta is no longer a secret destination among tourists. Many tourists travel to Malta each year to explore the bi-lingual country influenced by many more cultures. The island offers great beaches, historic buildings / towns and the lovely Mediterranean climate. The summer months of July and August are quite hot; the rest of the year is fairly mild. St. Julian’s is a pulsating, lively town in the northeast of Malta. After class, you can enjoy the harbour watching fishermen, walking down the esplanade or exploring the little cafés, restaurants and shops. Apart from that, St. Julian’s is night-life heaven… here you can truly party all night long.

Language course

Language course English

Without the performance pressure from their home schools, students learn that communicating in the foreign language and application of the studied material is enjoyable. A class consists of up to 15 students which are thought at levels A1 to C1. Students take a placement exam on the first day of school in order to allocate them to the right class (possible to take the test online in advance). Besides grammar, communication is focal point. Able and qualified members of staff conduct all classes. Course materials, the course book and a notepad are supplied.

Booking the Intensive Course is optional, which offers additional 10 lessons at 45 min each per week (40,-€). 

Booking the Abitur Preparation Course is optional, which offers additional 10 lessons at 45 min each per week (80,-€).

There are no lessons on national holidays (14.04, 29.06, 08.09.).


Journey by plane (booked by us)

The flight is booked by us and the students are welcomed at the security check, where supervision starts, and taken to their accommodation. On departure, the supervision ends with dropping the students off at check-in / security check at the airport. The airport shuttle to and from the accommodation is included in the holiday price.

Journey by plane (self-arranged)

Self-arranged arrival is also possible, please coordinate with us in advance. The airport shuttle to and from the accommodation is included in the holiday price.


Halls of residence – Club Village

The Club Village on the school campus offers students to stay in twin or triple rooms or in dorms. Every room has its own telephone and the large pool on campus can be used.

Additional costs triple room per week: 30,-€ per person

Additional costs twin room per week: 70,-€ per person

The halls of residences in St. Paul’s Bay are located very central and are a short walk away from school and beach. The residence has its own pool. The students stay in rooms of 3, each with its own bathroom, fan, telephone and television.


The best way to get to know the culture and language of a country is to stay with a host family. Here you can apply your newly learnt skills and practice your communication skills. You normally stay in twin or triple rooms. The host families are carefully checked and selected. School is normally not more than 15 min away, either walking distance or by bus.


Full board

When selecting homestay, the host family provided breakfast and dinner. Lunch is on campus for all students. For students staying at Club Village, breakfast and dinner are also on campus. The meals provide the students with an excellent opportunity to practice their communication skills with the host family and/or international students.


Holiday including supervision

The supervision by international teamers of our partner school starts and ends in the public part of the respective airport. From then onwards, the trained teamers are available 24/7. Additionally they accompany the students to all activities, evening programme and trips.

Supervision key: (teamer : students) ages 14 to 21: approx. 1: 15