Our group leaders, your teamers are always with you. Depending on type of journey, they supervise the journey from the get go and you already have a chance to get to know them. When arriving by plane, your teamers meet you at the programme location. You quickly meet new students, even when booking by yourself. The majority of students books the language holiday individually without friends from home. But the teamers’ duties reach far further than sole friendship.

Teamer are the connecting link between the travelling students, the members of staff in the programme location and the office in Germany as well as the parents. They live close to you and guide you and your group through the day. While you are studying in the language lessons, they are preparing the leisure time activities. You can approach your teamer if you have any questions, problems or ambiguities.

But their tasks also include informing you about regulations, specialities and rules in the programme location and ensuring their compliance. Depending on the age of the students, a teamer is responsible for 10 to 15 students.

In order to be a teamer, you need to know a lot. All teamers must take part in a mandatory training which prepares them for the language holiday so they know what to do and how to react in certain situations. Many teamer have already been to the destination as students and really know their way round.

They are reliable and trustworthy persons of contact and tour guides in one. We leave nothing to chance, teamers need to be first aid trained, provide a certificate of good conduct and attend the teamer-training seminar. We mainly use teamers who are already experienced group leaders and are at least 19 years old. Teamers try to speak to you in the local language as much as possible.