Poole – teens language holiday | Surf and Talk (ages 14-17)

Travel Package

  • journey by coach or plane
  • 15/17 holiday days
  • 14 nights at the homestay
  • rooms of 2 or 3
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • youth group supervisors 24h (German speaking teamers)
  • basic course English (15 x45min per week)
  • surf lessons (10 x 60min per week)
  • course materials & placement test
  • participation certificate
  • daily leisure time activities
  • student ID card
  • information materials and city maps
  • information evening prior to the holiday (min. 20 people)

Highlights (included)

  • one day trip to London (min. stay of 2 weeks)
  • one half day trip per week
  • two activities per week (e.g. bowling, cinema, disco)
  • stay in London during the return journey (coach journey only, not during autumn)

You not only want to improve your English but also love water sports? The peninsula of Sandbanks provides the best conditions for surfing and a picturesque view. This combined language holiday is the perfect solution!
Together with Bournemouth and Christchurch, Poole forms the South East Dorset Conurbation. Poole’s natural harbour is one of the largest and most spectacular worldwide. Exploring the harbour, doing water sports or just exploring the town centre and going on a shopping spree in the Dolphin Centre make Poole a great location for a language holiday.

This language holiday takes you to England’s surfers’ paradise. The town is located directed on the English Channel and is famous for its natural harbour which is one of the largest in the world. Luxury yachts are manufactured here, too. Most importantly for you to know though, Poole hosts the wind and kite surfing world championships. This shows how great Poole is for any type of water sports and hence for a “Surf & Talk” language holiday. We emphasise diversity in programme and offer an exciting and entertaining activity programme and the adventurous surf lessons.

10 sessions of 45 minutes each per week turn our students into pros on the water; depending on the wind and weather, wind surfing, wakeboarding or surfing are our options. Qualified and experienced instructors supervise all sessions; they are always right behind you in a rubber dinghy. This guarantees your safety and they can give you valuable tips. After the surf and language lessons, the town centre provides great opportunities to relax with its many bars, cafés, shops and the large shopping centre. Additionally, our teamers provide an interesting and diverse activity programme; activities include cinema, bowling or a yummy picnic. They can also help you in German if it helps solving the problem but normally they speak English with the students.

Language course

Language course English

Without the performance pressure from their home schools, students learn that communicating in the foreign language and application of the studied material is enjoyable. A class consists of up to 15 students which are thought at levels A1 to C1. Students take a placement exam on the first day of school in order to allocate them to the right class (possible to take the test online in advance). Besides grammar, communication is focal point. Able and qualified members of staff conduct all classes. Course materials, the course book and a notepad are supplied.


Journey by coach

The journey is undertaken as an overnight coach trip in modern coaches. All journeys comply with the specified driving and rest periods; the coach companies are carefully selected and we have been working with them for many years. The supervision of the students by our teamers starts at the departure location where the student gets on the coach.
The departure points will not exceed 30 kilometers from the city (namend in the advertising), however these are limited by date block and minimum bookings. All departure informations are determind at the latest 10 days before hunt and can be call up in the “Mein GO Reiseportal.”

Journey by plane

If the plane journey is booked through us, the students are welcomed by the so-called “Airport Angels” as they come out of security / customs and are accompanied to the taxi. The supervision by our teamers starts with arrival at the language holiday destination. The shuttle from airport to destination is included in the booking price. The supervision ends on departure day at the language holiday destination, however, the students are accompanied by the “Airport Angles” on their way from the taxi to check-in.

Self-arranged journey

Self-arranged journey to the language holiday destination is possible. Only the shuttle from Heathrow Airport is included, we do not offer this service for other airports. In order to avoid confusion and additional costs, please contact us prior to booking your own flight.


Accommodation – Homestay

The best way to get to know the culture and language of a country is to stay with a host family. Here you can apply your newly learnt skills and practice your communication skills. You normally stay in rooms of two to three. The host families are carefully and regularly checked and selected.


Full board in the homestay

The typical breakfast and dinner are normally eaten with the host family. The students either receive a packed lunch or prepare it themselves. Based on experience, breakfast and dinner times provide the students with an excellent opportunity to enhance their communication skills and tell the host family about their day.


Supervised language holiday

The supervision starts when the student boards the coach / for flyers with arrival at the language holiday destination. The teamers are normally at least 20 years old and are first point of contact for our students 24/7. The teamers are trained particularly for their tasks as teamers. Prior to their fist job with us, they need to complete the seminar designed by pedagogic staff. The teamers are responsible for the daily leisure time activity programme, the trips, evening activities and all other activities. The teamers normally speak English with the students; however, German can be used in problem situations if it aids solving the problem.

Supervision key (teamer : students): ages 14 to 17: approx. 1 : 15


Surf lessons

The surf lessons cover wind surfing, wave surfing or wake boarding depending on the weather. In 10 lessons per week of 60 min each, the coaches facilitate the learning of the students. The coaching level is based on the students’ skills, from beginner to advanced. An inflatable raft is close bye at all times to ensure the safety.