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Travel & Talk – your next language holiday starts here…

You don’t know whether your child will travel by plane or coach and you’re wondering which accommodation to choose? And generally, you’re probably wondering what else to consider before going on a language holiday?! Here are some answers to all your questions:

Regarding the travel options, coach as well as renowned airlines, we have selected several departure locations / airports. You can find this information in the price and date table for each language holiday. Here you can pick and book the departure location closest to you.

Your child is probably wondering whether a language holiday for teenagers is the right thing; studying during your holidays sounds scary at first. But rest assured, it’s not scary at all. Our lessons at our own schools in Christchurch, Weymouth, Bournemouth, Poole and Saint-Malo place students in the right class for their ability with an initial test. Based on this test, the students are put in classes according to ability, knowledge and performance; this helps the teachers provide the most suitable lessons to each class.

The teachers speak English only and design the classes in a creative and productive way to ensure progress as well as fun. Your child’s language level can be found here.
Our German speaking teamers plan the programme accompanying the language classes in a way which ensures getting to know the surrounding area and still having time to relax. You can find further information on our activity programme in “leisure time activities”.
After school and the leisure time activities, the students return to their accommodation. This can vary – halls of residence or homestay – depending on booked holiday. Which type of accommodation is right for your child, depends on your judgement. More information to accommodation can be found here.

We are known for great supervision. We are sure, you want to see your child supervised appropriately. You can learn more about the importance and job of our excellent and certified teamers under “supervision”.

Every day, we are asked many questions which we aim to answer. The FAQs section answers a lot of typical questions and might be able to take away some of your worries – especially if it’s you child’s first trip all by herself/himself.
For further questions and more personal contact, you can reach us during office hours: Mon – Fri 8:30 to 18:00 and Sat 10:00 to 14:00, telephone number: 0049 (0) 05237 – 89 08 170 or email us at
In “My GO Travel Portal” you can find specific and general travel information. Here we collected everything you need to know.
After careful preparation and answering of your questions, you can choose the lovely travel destination. Regardless whether England, Malta, Italy, France, Germany, USA or Ireland – the decision is up to you and your son or daughter.

Attention: Please note that personal ID needs to be carried on all GO language holidays, even for holidays in Germany! Your child needs to present national ID, passport or a child passport which is valid for the entire duration of the holiday. Otherwise, your child cannot go on the language holiday and the booking is either rebooked at current prices or cancelled with a 10% cancellation fee of the original booking price.