The typical accommodation during a language holiday is still a homestay – especially for teenagers. Another possible type of accommodation are halls of residence.

Homestay / Host family

Typically, your hosts collect you from the coach. During the drive home, you have the first opportunity to chat with your host family. Homestays offer the opportunity to meet the county and the people on a personal level. The houses are personalised homes; the first step inside is exciting! What does it look like? What’s different than at home? Who lives here? Host families can be diverse, ranging from the typical mum-dad-child family to the elderly single lady. Normally, two to four students are staying with a host family; together you can explore and experience the customs and culture of your host country.

The homestay families are carefully selected and most of them have been hosting language students for years. Hence they are used to deal with teenagers and can help you get used to your new environment. A present for the host family will be appreciated but not a must. Especially specialties or typical treats from your home region are exciting for the host family and encourage a first conversation.

To make it easier for us to pick the right host family for you, please notify us of any specialities as early as possible. Are you allergic to animals? Are you a vegetarian? Do you have any other allergies or intolerances? Communication is key to understanding each other better and ensuring that you have a pleasant stay. If you have any issues or if you have imagines something to be different, please address it kindly with your host family. This is the best and fastest way to react to questions and problems and react in a satisfying way.

You might hear different words than the vocabulary you learnt in school, see shops, schools, and buildings that look different than at home or eat dishes that taste different to what your mum cooks. All this reflects the culture and the day life of the host country and that’s exactly the reason why you chose this language holiday.

Halls of Residence / Youth Hostel

Some language holidays offer staying in halls of residence or a youth hostel. Halls of residence normally accommodate college students. Language students from all over the world stay here; you can meet students from different parts of the world and learn about their home countries and culture. Common language is English. It is an exciting new and extraordinary challenge to talk about experiences and listen to stories with people whose mother tongue is not English either. Another advantage: The accommodation is normally in close proximity tot he teaching rooms.

The language holiday in Germany are normally offering accommodation in youth hostels. The dorms normally have multi-national occupants.