Leisure Time Activities

The first morning starts with breakfast in the homestay or halls of residence. Regardless of where you are staying, the days of your language holiday are filled with a variety of activities. In most cases, language lessons are in the mornings. During summer, some groups might have afternoon lessons. Depending on your lesson plan, your activities are either in the morning before school or after school in the afternoon.

The activity planner is normally displayed in school. Here you can see the planned and supervised activities for the entire duration of your language holiday. When booked on the Combination Course, our professional coaches and lecturers will expect you straight after the end of the regular lessons. In order to train and teach you appropriately, your level of knowledge is evaluated by a special test. After the booking you need to fill in a self evaluation form which you will receive from our partners; this way we can allocate the groups based on performance and prior knowledge. Which materials you receive or need to bring is stated in your travel information pack.

If you are not booked on one of the sports or creative programmes, you can expect a lot of variety. Action and relaxation are both equally important. After all you’re still on holiday. Most activities, including the half day and day trips, are already included in the programme price. Two activities, such as adventure golf or a cinema visit, are already included in the price. Other activities are paid for with the activity money which is administered by the teamers. The activity money is collected during the journey to the destination, anything that is left over will be returned to you in the final days of the language holiday.

We recommend to take extra pocket money, in case you need or want to purchase a bus ticket for your daily journey to school. Information on these prices are available prior to departure.

With all the activities, the days will fly by. Trips to the surrounding sights, games at the beach or in town, dinner with the host family or in the halls of residence… no time to be bored. In the evenings, your group meets again to attend a fancy dress party or the disco or participate in other fun and creative activities. The evening activities depend on the destination as well as your age. Rules are part of a language holiday, so please follow them.